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What is MAIL Program?

MAIL or Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab, is a unique initiative to find innovative and cutting edge solutions in the mobility & automobile space, which are futuristic and customer oriented.

Maruti Suzuki MAIL seeks to create an ecosystem in India, which will provide the foundation for talent to thrive and make Innovation, a way of thinking.

Who can apply for the MAIL Program?

We are looking for early-stage startups and innovators who have stable customers and / or early revenues. Solely the innovative idea is not sufficient. At least you should have a concrete business plan, first feasibility concepts and an understanding of the relevant market needs and potentials.

How long is the program?

The duration of the program is upto 4 months.

How does the application process work?

The application process starts with filling out the Online Application Form (under the Apply Now section of the MAIL website). In the online application, you will need to introduce your product, the market you are operating in, your team, your business model, traction and roadmap to give us an adequate overview of your startup. Also, you might be asked about your potential use case with Maruti Suzuki. After the application is submitted, the MAIL team screens and evaluates your application.

What is T.E.S.T.PoC©?

T.E.S.T.PoC© stands for Test – Execution Capabilities – Scalability – Technology – Proof of Concept and is a Copyright of GHV Accelerator.These 5 aspects are critical for the success of a venture.

How detailed do I have to be in my application?

Your application should be as detailed as needed for an outsider to understand your business concept and market opportunity, presented in form of a business plan. As evaluators, we love data and make decisions on growth KPIs. Regarding your application, we take decisions based on the information in the application form, pitch deck or videos provided by you.

When will I get a reply?

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted once the applications are opened for the next Cohort.

Can we still apply, if we have received prior funding?

Yes, of course. Please include details regarding past rounds of financing in your application.

Do you only foster Automobile startups?

No. Maruti Suzuki MAIL also supports startups with technologies, solutions or services that might be used in mobility & automobile space. Please mention in your application, on how you think your startup could contribute to this area.

Do we have to be Indian Citizens?

No. But the startup should be registered under the INDIAN jurisdiction.

Can I re-apply for the future cohorts, if not selected in a single cohort?

Yes, of course. Please include details regarding past rounds of participation into your application.

Can a not-for-profit startup apply?

Yes, of course. Please mention in your application, how your startup can create a significant social impact.

What is the cost of joining the MAIL Program?

For Startups, participation in MAIL Program is free. Neither Maruti Suzuki nor GHV take any equity from the ventures, which are part of this program.

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